They’re enstating a chilling policy on NSFW and Adult content which is outlined HERE http://www.tumblr.com/docs/en/nsfw

Basically what this is doing is drastically limiting connectivity and exposure amongst tumblr users whose blogs are classified as NSFW or Adult. If your blog is Adult, essentially you are invisible except to your direct followers, even if the content you’re posting at the moment is worksafe. For instance, say you’re an adult blogger who’s doing some safe fanart for Pacific Rim, and you tag it as such so people who don’t follow you but are into Pacific Rim can find it. Under the new policy, it won’t be seen, because your blog’s adult status has chilled all posts from the tag search indexes. You have to rely on your followers reblogging it to their OWN followers. The tag search system’s basically been crippled.

Furthermore, if you’re a blogger who uses NSFW content for sex education purposes, you might as well just give up, or pray you have a wide enough reblog base, because even though your stuff is educational, it’s still going to be blocked from people who don’t already follow you.

Also, if you pre-emptively tagged your blog NSFW when you got started before the Yahoo buyout, you can’t just clean your blog and untag the NSFW category, you’re locked out from making the change. Yahoo is also issuing Content Classifications randomly based on their own discretion. You could have a blog full of anatomical references and old artistic nudes, and they could slap you with the Adult label and you’d be invisble to everyone except your followers.

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    …….awesome. thanks staff and yahoo. Thanks a fucking lot.
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    THIS IS MESSED UP AND EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW [Great article on this] Tumblr has been fixed! Huzzah
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    It’s made me scared what art has been hidden because of this, both this fandom and the Thor fandom (which has a LOT of...
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    what the fuck
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    oh fucking hell
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    NSFW means not safe for works, there could be violence and stuffs or something that’s uncomfortable, you can’t just open...
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    I’m one of those people who doesn’t want to see a whole lot of nsfw content. But that doesn’t mean that content should...
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    so to everyone who said “remember that time yahoo bought tumblr and nothing changed” go fuck yourself
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    See, I understand that there are probably people who want their Tumblr this way, and want their searches to be safe. But...
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    Clarification (because that long comment is not so clear on this) and further information - so far the changes apply to...